God's given us so much to be thankful for

God's given us so much to be thankful for
I want to live every second of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About our fam

My studly husband of 10 years and myself have five wonderful, perfect, angelic kids. Well, maybe not angelic! We have a 12 year old son, TT, a 9 year old son, Boo man, a 7 year old daughter, Missy, and surprise, a set of 19 month old twin boys, Shoe Shine and Conman. And yes, these are the real nicknames that we use for the kids. Our life is crazy, busy, but we make the most of life. We deal with teenage hormones, and the terrible two temper tantrums. Some days I am up all night with a teething baby, some days I am fighting all day with a preteen daughter.

But then, it happens. That window in time when you experience the perfect moment in time. This last Saturday night, we had our first bonfire of the season. We were roasting hot-dogs in our backyard. Getting ketchup and mustard and marshmallows all over, and my kids are laughing. They are discussing the intricacies of toasting a marshmallow and finding just the right coals. I just think to myself, I am so lucky, so blessed to have this life. That we can share this simple time together as a family. That my husband had emailed me from work and said how excited he was for the bonfire that night. Later I crawled in to bed with my husband and we were watching a movie. He leans over and takes my hand, and we laid there, holding hands, watching a movie. Sometime half way through the movie, I fell asleep, and I woke up in the morning and think, this is life! It couldn't have been a more perfect night! Nothing big, just one perfect night.

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  1. Beautiful!! Sounds like a perfect night, and it's awesome that you took the time to appreciate it.